Enterprise Culture

INVENTFINE  Vision :” Technology,Service,Team work,Cooperation,To be best”

We INVENT the unique technology. We provide the FINE service. We organize a great team of innovation. And that is why we name it “INVENTFINE”. We cooperate, not only with all our staff, but also with all our customers, to create the greatest value for all of us. We always pursue to be the best.

INVENTFINE Mission “Create opportunity, Benefit our customers” 

Customer is the key premise for INVENTFINE to grasp market opportunity and create dominant enterprise. Our mission is to create a better development space for our customers.

INVENTFINE  Target :”Satisfied 99% customers”   ”INVENTFINE to be the standard ”

There is no 100% satisfaction. That is something we cannot reach but something we have great confidence to get close to. INVENTFINE people never stop to achieve this target and hope someday that INVENTFINE is standard. Standard is INVENTFINE.