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EMC Test System

EMC-EMI testing system is a fully automatic test receiver and main test tool. Because of the full closed structure and conductive material, the shielding effect is very effective. Due to adopt new technologies and process, it can solve the problem of its own anti-dry fundamentally. The test result is an international common format.


 And it meets the requirements of GB6113-1995 and international CISPR16-1.GB17743、FCC、EN155015、GB4343 Working with absorbing clamp,


Measurement parameters:

Detection frequency range: KH3961:9KHz~30kHz/ KH3962:9kHz~300kHz,Frequency stability,Frequency resolution:(9kHz~150kHz):30Hz/(150kHz~30MHz):1kHz,Test time:setting by customers,Scaning step length,Detection method:peak, quasi peak,average value,etc.

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