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LED Aging & Life Test System


LTS-3000 LED Accelerated Aging and Life Test System 

LTS-3000 LED灯和灯具加速老化和寿命测试系统.jpg

System Composition

This system consists of LTS-3000 test software.WT105 digital power meter, CHL-3 LED Fast colorimetric & electric tester, CHCP-18 multi-power supply control system, CHP-XXX AC Power source, TMP-X multiplex Temperature meter, 19” cabinet, temperature chamber and MCB-III multi communication box.

System Function

It is mainly used for normal aging test, accelerated aging test , Lumen maintain features test, temperature features test, life tester, Color shift test of LED module and LED lamps. It is also with the function of LED life prediction and forecast.


The system is designed on basis of the criteria of “IES LM-80-08 and IES TM-21-11

Test Report



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