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LED Bulb& LED Tube&LED Panel Lamp&LED Par Lamp

The test system is used to achieve the photometric, colorimetric and electrical parameters of navigation lamps composed of various types of light source.  The tested light sources are including incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, low pressure sodium lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, halogen lamp, xenon lamp and LED lamp etc.

Tested parameters

The photometric and colorimetric parameters to be tested for LED navigation lamps :

Light intensity distribution

Vertical emission intensity distribution

Characteristic surface Light intensity distribution

Coefficients Of Utilization - Zonal Cavity Method

Vertical intensity distribution

Light range, light color, flash period deviation

Divergence angle of 50% peak intensity

Illuminance threshold of daylight switch

The electric parameters to be tested for LED navigation lamps :

Voltage, current, power, frequency, power factor,etc

Measurement principle   

The navigation test system consist of Goniophotometer, Photo detector head, Spectroradiometer, Optical track system, Intensity standard lamp, AC/DC Power source, Digital power meter. The reasonable choice of all kinds of measuring instruments will be directly related to the overall performance, accuracy, efficiency and cost of the test system.

System configuration

Goniophotometer machine, Intensity calibration system, AC/DC power source, optical track system, test fixture, 3D control software.

Working principle