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LED-COB Encapsulation Onl Filling Powder Tester

This system is used to test the LED COB in high speed and accuracy. It has intelligent PIN function.high accuracy(Use air compressor to drive and position the COB coordinate,which make the COB always in the same position and reduce the error caused by the position change of COB)High speed(It lights up all the COB in the same fixture one by one)

Applied Range

It is the ideal instrument for COB production line testing, sorting and quality control. 

System configuration

CMS-2S Spectroradiometer,WL DC Power Supply,Special Integrating Sphere.


Range of wavelength: 380~800nm(standard)  /200~1100nm(special)

Accuracy of wavelength: ±0.5nm

Accuracy of chromaticity coordinate: ±0.001(standard illuminant A )/±0.003(LED illuminant)

System photometric linear: 1%

Range of related colour temperature measurement:1000~100000k

With customized sphere

Accuracy of related color temperature: ±0.5%

Error of color rendering index: ±(0.5%±0.5)                       

Time of integration: 0.1mS~20S 

Stray light: < 0.015%(600nm),<0.03%(435nm)