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Trip to Fujian——Fujian Tulou

2017-02-09 16:37:51 INVENTFINE Read

Visiting Fujian Tulou has been the goal of my travel plan. We had not been there for all sorts of reasons. In the end, we decide to finish the goal. Even a week before our plan, we still worried that the Typhoon will hit Fujian. If so, our visiting would become a fight against Typhoon. Luckily the Typhoon turn north and the weather were very good during our visiting.

Fujian Tulou ,mainly distributed in the southwest of Yongding, Nanjing and Huaan, is the residential for Hakka for generations. Fujian Tulou is known as the miracle of the world's residential construction for its long history, unique style, ingenious structure and magnificent scale. The existing round, square building, five turrets, octagon, stilts and other kinds of Tulou has more than 23000. 




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