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Competitiveness of China LED enterprises

2017-03-07 10:26:52 INVENTFINE Read

LED industry is the mainstream of the current lighting industry. Generally, LED industry can be classified as below: upper reaches "LED chip technology", middle reaches “LED packaging technology” and lower reaches “LED application”.

China LED enterprises start late and master few core technologies. This is a gap but also a kind of promotion space. China LED enterprises pay lots of effort these years and achieve very good successes.

European market: European market is the traditional business market for China LED enterprises, Many China LED enterprises has open their branch office in Europe to enlarge its market share.

American market :  OEM is the main mode for China LED enterprises export to American market. Brand product is rare; Export orders are small and scatter.

Central and South America market : At present, Brazil is the largest energy consumption and LED import country in South America. Before Brazil's LED lighting products basically rely on imports. Now they start to produce LED products.

Middle East market: Middle East market has strong demand for LED product. In 2015, China LED enterprises export to Middle East Market over USD 570000000. The three main importers are Iran, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia.     

Russian market:China LED product exporting to Russia has increased rapid yearly. It is reported that from Jan to May 2015, China LED lighting and display product export to Russia USD102000000.

Japan market:High degree of export concentration, large orders, a higher degree of standardization are the main trend for China LED product exporting to Japan.

 India Market: Due to the current level of manufacturing industry in India is not high. LED lighting products mainly rely on imports. China LED enterprises are easier to enter into high-end product market in India

ASEAN market:ASEAN economic growth rate, infrastructure investment, low tariffs and even zero tariff policies are very attractive. It is no doubt a good cake for China LED export enterprises. In ASEAN countries, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore is the top three importers in 2014.     

Africa Market:Africa is the dark horse for LED lighting market. Africa has huge potential in basic lighting and municipal lighting. Africa is at the low end of lighting applications and its requirement to product performance is not high. Product of Low cost, long service time, durable is more welcome in Africa market

Generally speaking,China LED enterprises are smaller in scale and mainly produce lower reaches product. Homogeneity of the products is serious. For the present, China LED enterprises are insufficient in the international competition and have a long way to go.

China LED enterprises mainly play the role of production workshop, assembly workshop. But with the development of the industry, the enterprise's own technical accumulation and strengthen of brand and business administrations, China LED enterprises will be more competitive in LED industry

The market for LED Testing instrument increase obviously. Our LED testing instrument (INVENTFINE Spectroradiometer-sphere system and Goniophotometer ) get very good feedback in sale volume. China LED Enterprises invest more for their product quality and research. Now they are trying more effect to increase their competitiveness. We believe that they will play more important role in LED industry in the near future.