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    TMP Multiplex Tempera Tupe Meter

    TMP-1(channel 8)
    TMP-2(channel 16)

    1. Details

    TMP series multiplex temperature meter is a kind of real time monitoring and tracking, with advantages of simple test, high precision and reusable.The whole procedure in temperature rise is recorded to save and analyze by the is the best temperature rise test tool for the household appliance such as electric ballast, motor and lamps etc.


    ○ Temperature signal channel number: TMP-1(channel 8);

                                                                  TMP-2(channel 16).

    ○ Sensor: Nickel chromium-nickel silicon(K type).

    ○ Temperature range: -50~300℃.

    ○ Testing accuracy: class0.5.

    ○ Channel sequence is displayed by 2 LED and temperature is displayed by 4LEDFreely set up for channel sequence when 

       cricle montioring.

    ○ Application software in windows can track the changing of the selected channel temperature and provide print andsave operation.