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    CH338 Digital Torsion Meter

    Lamp cap fixture style:E27, E26, E14, E12, E40(optional ) B22d, G5, G13 special cap fixture can be ordered for the convenience of test .

    1. Details

    The torque force test is a mechanical strength safety requirement of the lamp cap which has been taken into account by most lighting manufac-tures and is also compulsively required by all the nations. Thus we dev-eloped the digital torsion meter with the reference of the IEC. It meets the requirement for the measurement of lamp cap torque force test of the quality inspect department and manufactures. 

    Lamp cap fixture style

     E27, E26, E14, E12, E40(optional ) B22d,  G5,  G13  special cap fixture can be ordered for the convenience of test .


    ○ Torque range: 0~10N·m (special range is customer-tailored) .

    ○ Fixing with clamp,Rotating the lamp, the positive and negative torque rate will be recorded.

    ○ High performance in reliability, precision and longevity by adopting strain gauge torque sensor Peak torque holding function,

      upper limit can be set for alarm.

    ○ Meet the requirements of all national and international standards.

    Equipped with different fixtures, the bend distance and pull force can be tested between tube and plastic parts, between plastic parts and their covers, between plastic parts and lamp holder.