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    PM2000F Light Flickering Analyzer

    ○ Sample speed up to 100KHZ
    ○ Automatically determine the strobe safety level
    ○ Six measurement subpages

    1. Details

    The rapid development of LED products, the stroboscopic problem of light sources has also caused widespread concern, and the strobo control is not good, which will pose a threat to people's health and safety.

    PM2000F light source stroboscopic measuring instrument is a professional testing equipment specially used for measuring the luminosity parameters and stroboscopic evaluation parameters of the light source and evaluating the stroboscopic safety level. The equipment is fully qualified to include Energy Stars Lamps V2.1, NEMA77, CIE. A number of newly released measurement standards for stroboscopic light sources, including TN006 and IEEE std 1789. Suitable for laboratory and on-site measurement sites, it has been adopted by many third-party laboratories and manufacturers and has received wide acclaim from users.

    Technical Parameters

    ● Illumination measurement range: 0.1lx ~ 200,000lx; 4 range measurement;

    ● Measurement accuracy: one level (±4%);

    ● Sampling rate: up to 100KS/s (KS/s: thousands of samples per second);

    ● Sampling time: flexible selection according to different standards and measurement requirements;

    ● Rated working conditions: Temperature: 18 ° C ~ 28 ° C Humidity: 35% RH ~ 75% RH Power supply: DC 12V, 2A;

    ● Communication method: USB interface;

    ● Size: about 256mm long x 240mm wide x 112mm high;

    ● Power consumption: about 5W;

    ● Weight: about 8kg.