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    CMS-3000S Fast Spectroradiometer Test System

    ○ Fully meets IESNA LM-79, GB/T24824, High accuracy,low stray light.
    ○ Adopting world advanced holographic concave grating technology.
    ○ Fully replace the traditional Mechanic scanning system.

    1. Details

    CMS-3000 光谱仪.jpg

    CMS-3000S Fast Spectrometer system adopts the most advanced holographic concave diffraction grating and high performance electronic shutter control linear CCD display detector. It can realize super low stray light and wide linearity dynamic measuring range. It has high repeatability and stability, and can also achieve the millisecond measurement speed and the same test precision as the traditional mechanical spectrometer. It's mainly applied to the quality control and quantity production as well as the lab research equipment.

    Application range

     And it's applied to the high precision measurement of spectral, color, and illuminance flux parameters etc. for LED and LED lamps etc.


    Adopts the world advanced holographic concave grating, precision optical system and the electronic shutter control technology, it has higher accuracy. 

    Use array detector instead of mechanical scanning system, to finish the whole spectrum measurement in a very short time.

    No contain mechanical scanning device, with delicate appearance, no mechanicalwear, long service life and high reliability.



    ○ Detector:CCD.

    ○ Grating type:Holographic grating witn flat-field correction.


    ○ Wavelength range:380~780nm.

    ○ Stray light:1.5×10-4.

    ○ Band width:2.5nm.

    ○ Sampling step:0.2nm.

    ○ Wavelength accuracy:±0.3nm.

    ○ Slit width:100μm.

    Colortimetry parameters

    ○ Accuracy of chromatic(x,y):±0.0003 Standard illuminant A.

    ○ Reproducibility(blue LED):±0.0003.

    ○ TC range:1500K~100000K.

    ○ TC accuracy:±0.3%.

    ○ Rendering index range:0~100.

    ○ Rendering index accuracy:±(0.3%rdg+0.5).

    Photometry parameters

    ○  Photometry linearity:±0.3%.

    ○ Photometry range: 0.01lm~1.999×105lm( Comply with suitable sphere).

    ○ Photometer head:Class A.

    ○ Dynamic range:108.

     Electrical datas

    ○ AD converter:16 bits.

    ○ Integration time:0.1ms~20s .

    ○ PC interface :USB2.0   RS-232-C.


    ○ Power input:DC 5V.

    ○ Pixel :3648.

    ○ Temperature measurement range:0~80℃.