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    CMS-2S Spectroradiometer

    ○ Word advance holographic concave grating technology.
    ○ Fully replace the traditional Flat grating CCD type test system.

    1. Details

    CMS-2S  快速光谱分析仪-1.jpg

    System composition

    This fast test system is including CMS-2S fast spectroradiometer, integrating sphere, power supply, calibration system, etc. 

    System advantage

    This system adopts the most advanced holographic concave diffraction grating and Toshiba high-performance linear CCD display detector. It can also achieve the millisecond measurement speed and the same test accuracy as the traditional mechanical spectrometer.It has the characteristics of fast test, convenient use,long life,high reliability and small volume etc.

    Test parameter

    chromaticity coordinate, correlative color temperature, main wavelength, color purity, luminous flux etc. Range of correlated color temperature 


    ○ Measure: 1000k~100000k.

    ○ Resolution:1K.

    ○ Accuracy of color temperature:≤±20K(standard illuminate A).

    ○ Accuracy of chromaticity coordinate:x,y(Standard illuminate A:≥±0.002).

    ○ Wavelength range:380nm~800nm.

    ○ Wavelength accuracy±0.3nm.
    ○ Accuracy of chromatic(x,y)
    ±0.002 .
    ○ Reproducibility(blue LED)±0.0003 .

    ○ TC range1000~100000k.
    Test report