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    CHL-3LED Fast Colorimetric&electric Test System

    ○ Production-line test
    ○ With outer triggering function,triggering time : 1-60s adjustable

    1. Details

    CHL-3 光电快速仪.jpg

    LED photochromic fast testing system adopts a new patent detector with tristimulus values integral principle. It fits for the requirements of the LED manufacturers to test on-line and the sale department to do fast testing. The equipment can test LED's correlative color temperature, chromaticity coordinate, luminous flux (equip with integrating sphere) and other parameters etc .With its spectrum calibrationfunction. Theoretically, it meets the requirement of CIE. 

    Test parameter

    Test directly and display the parameters of LED's chromaticity coordinate, correlative color temper-ature, main wavelength, color purity, luminous flux etc.


    ○ Range of correlated color temperature measure: 1000k~100000k.

    ○ Resolution:1K.

    ○ Accuracy of color temperature:≤±20K(standard illuminate A).

    ○ Accuracy of chromaticity coordinate:x,y(Standard illuminate A:≥±0.002).