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    GPM-2000 Centric Rotating Reflector Goniophotometer

    Such as Indoor and Outdoor luminaires, Street luminaires, Flood lamps, etc

    1. Details

    performance testing system. Test optic path distance from 5m to 30m(adjustable), it can measure all types of lighting sources and luminaires,such as indoor and outdoor luminaires, roodway luminaires,and flood lights  with high accuracy.It can achievethe test of CIE C-γ、CIE B- β and CIE A-α. The tested results can be directly used by international lighting design software like Dialux.It meets and requirements of CIE and IESNA standards.

    Application range

    Such as Indoor and Outdoor luminaires, Street luminaires, Flood lamps, etc.

    Measurement method

     It can achieve the test methods of CIE C-γ,  CIE B- β and CIE A-α.

    GPM-2000 分布光度计工作原理图-2.jpg

    Test parameter

    It measures luminous intensity data, luminous intensity distribution, zonal luminous flux, luminaires efficiency, luminance distribution coefficient of utilization, luminance limitation curves, glare, maximum ratio of distance to height, equal illuminance diagrams, curves of luminaires vs lighting area, iso candela curve, efficient luminescence angle etc.It can also achieve the spatial color characteristics with specialized spectroradiometer.


    GPM-2000 分布光度计工作原理图-2.jpg

    Working Status

    GPM-2000 分布光度计工作原理图-1.jpg

    The testing system has 3 rotating axis. The tested luminaire rotates around itself C axis),the main axis(γ axis) drives the mirror rotating around the center point of the tested luminaire and reflect the light from the tested luminaire to the detector. Meanwhile the auxiliary axis rotates in reverse direction synchronously and make the tested luminaire always in the normal ignite position. It realizes the test in main axis direction.

    File output format 

    *.CIE CIE

    *.IES IESNA 



    *.TM4 CIEBSE

    *.CEN DIN




    ○ The tested luminaire rotates around the mirror with an angle of (γ)±180°(or 0~360°),and the tested luminaire rotates 

       around itself with an angle of (C)±180°(or 0~360°)   . 

    ○ Using high level redirector made up by special metal fiber, no winding, intelligent startup and stop , keep stable rotating, 

       continuous testing  and low noise.

    ○ The accuracy of angle :0.1° , resolution of angle :0.01°. 

    ○ The accuracy of  photometric:standard class.

    ○ The tested data meets the international and national standard requirements. Test result can be output with IES,IDT,CEN,

       CIB,CSV.TM4,CIE files and directly used by design software like Dialux.