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    GPM-1800B Lamp and Lantems Rotating Goniophotometer

    ○ High cost performance, Less space occupation.
    ○ Mechanical grinder,Casting technology.
    ○ Italy import, 17 bit Encoder- Ensure measurement accuracy, technology leadership.

    1. Details

    According to the requirements of CIE, IESNA and national standards, we have achieved  testing methods as B-β、A-α and C-γ through rotating lamps. It is used to test the spatial light intensity distribution as well as variety luminosity parameter of indoor spotlight, cast light lamp and street light. It can work either with doublearm or single arm.


    GPM-1800B 分布光度计工作原理图-1.jpg

    During the test, detector remains static, tested luminairerotates around the γ axis and C axis and achieve the full spatial intensity distribution.

    Test Principle

    GPM-1800B 分布光度计测量方案-1.jpg

    Photometric Plane

    GPM-1800B 分布光度计测量方案-1.jpg

    Working Status 

    GPM-1800B 分布光度计工作原理.jpg

    File output format 

    *.CIE CIE

    *.IES IESNA 



    *.TM4 CIEBSE

    *.CEN DIN




    ○ Rotations of test samples around both vertical and horizontal axis,and rotation range:±180°(or  0~360°).Single 

       arm for C-γ measurement. Double arms for B-β measurement.

    ○ Using high level redirector made up by special metal fiber,no winding,intelligent startup and stop,keep stable 

       rotating, continuous testing  and low noise.

    ○ The accuracy of angle :0.1°,resolution of angle :0.01°.

    ○ The accuracy of  photometric:standard class.

    ○ The tested data meets the international and national standard requirements.Test result can be output with IES,IDT,

       CEN,CIB, CSV.TM4,CIE files and directly used by design software like Dialux.