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    GPM-1700 Small-scale Vertical Goniophotometer

    ○ Type C measurement.
    ○ Position of the tested luminaire fixed.
    ○ Less space occupation.
    ○ No mirror.

    1. Details

    According to the requirement of CIE, IESNA and national standards. We have achieved Type C measurement method through rotating photometer head. 

    Application range

    It is used to test the spatial light intensity distribution as well as various luminosity parameter for small indoor size luminaire.

    Measurement method

     It can achieve the test methods of CIE C-γ,


    GPM-1700 小型分布光度计工作原理-2.jpg

    It is used to test the spatial intensity distribution of small indoor luminaire like LED Bulb, LED Down lamp. During the test, the tested luminaire remains static. The detector rotates around the vertical axis of itself and achieve the full spatial intensity distribution.

     Working Status 

    GPM-1700 小型分布光度计工作原理-1.jpg

    File output format 

    *.CIE CIE

    *.IES IESNA 



    *.TM4 CIEBSE

    *.CEN DIN




    ○ The detector rotates around the horizontal axis of tested luminaire.Rotation range: ±180 ° (or 0 °to 360 °).

    ○ The tested luminaire remains static. It can achieve  C-γ or  B-β coordinate measurement.

    ○ Using high level redirector made up by special metal fiber, no winding, intelligent startup and stop , keep stable

        rotating, continuous testing  and low noise. 

    ○ The accuracy of angle :0.2° ,resolution of angle :0.01°.

    ○ The accuracy of  photometric:standard class.

    ○ The tested data meets the international and national standard requirements.Test result can be output with IES,IDT,

       CEN,CIB, CSV.TM4,CIE files and directly used by design software like Dialux.