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    GPM-1600L Goniophotometer(Economic Type)

    Tested parameters are the same as GPM-1800B.

    1. Details

    GPM-1600(L) goniophotometer is composed of host,controller and detector, It can realize measurement of light intensity in all directions, color spatial uniformity, average color features and spatial color non-uniformity of light source and lamps. 

    Tested parameters are the same as GPM-1800B.

    Measurement method

    It can also realize B-β and C-γ measurement under CIE standards. 


          Tested lamp size          Tested lamp size          Tested  lamp weight 

            C-γ measurement           B-β  measurement 
            GPM-1600L                1600*80                  700*600                     30KG

    File output format 

    *.CIE CIE

    *.IES IESNA 



    *.TM4 CIEBSE

    *.CEN DIN




    ○ Tested luminaire rotates around  both vertical and horizontal axis and rotation range is:±180°(or  0~360°).

    ○ Single arm for C-γ measurement. Double arms for B-β measurement.

     ○ Using high level redirector made up by special metal fiber, no winding, intelligent startup and stop , keep stable

        rotating,continuous testing  and low noise.

    ○ The accuracy of angle :0.2° , resolution of angle :0.01°.

    ○ The accuracy of  photometric:standard class.

    ○ The tested data meets the international and national standardrequirements.Test result can be output with IES,IDT,

       CEN,CIB,CSV.TM4,CIE files and directly used by design software likeDialux.