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    GPM-1200A Goniophotometer

    Suitable for Single LED, COB, Small size of Down light,Spot lamp and Par lamp.

    1. Details

    GPM-1200A 灯具配光曲线测试仪-1.jpg

    According to the CIE and IEC standard test method for LEDs, it is dedicated to the measurment of single and combination LED'S electrical performance, photometric performance, distribution of beam and other characteristic parameters . Equipped with test grating and test camera obscura,the instrument can meet testing requirements in any environment .

    Application range

     It is mainly applieblob.pngd to all the parameters'  measurement of single LED, reflected light, par LED etc.

    Test mode

    It rotates around C axis and γ axis to get the 3D light intensity distribution curve. 


    ○ Detector:Silicon photocell  class A

    ○ Photometry range:0.1~30000cd

    ○ Photometry accuracy:class 1

    ○ Spread angle of light beam:θ(50%)θ(25%)θ(75%)θ(10%)

    ○ Center intensity:l0

    ○ Angle range:Horizontal  angle:-0°~+360°/Vertical angle:-90°~+90°

    ○ Angle rotating method:Horizontal  angle:-0°~+360°/ Vertical angle:-90°~+90°

    ○ Angle accuracy:±0.2°

    ○ Angle interval:Horizontal  angle1°/5°/10°/15°/22.5°/30°/45°/90°;Vertical angle0.5°/1°/1.5°

    ○ Test distance:0.316m/1m  Adjustable

    ○ Measure the maximum size of lamps:180mm