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    Thermostatic Integrating Sphere

    The special size may make to order

    1. Details

    Designin compliance with the requirements of international and nationalstandards completely, main material of inside coating used analyticallypure barium sulfate (BaSO4), used special technology spraying, not fall out, chemical stability, not turn yellow,sphere select cold rolled sheet material, not easily deformed, multipleinterfaces to meet a number of tests at the same time. It can testlight and color parameters of various of light sources (different lightsources need of different light blocks)


    Lamp is mounted in the center of integrating sphere

    Lamp is mounted on the side open of integrating sphere

    Thermostatic methods

                                             Ambient                                                General lamp
                                             Onbose                                         Leds and led modules
                                             Circular air                                           lighting leds,T5,FL,CFL

     Diffuse reflecting coating

                     Coating type                          Reflectance                                    Spectral range
                    High reflectance coating                            97%                                     350nm~800nm           
                    Reflectance coating                          80%                                    350nm~800nm  
                   UV high reflectance coating                                  92%                                200nm~1400nm