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    WT5080 LED Power Driver Tester

    Frequency response of input and output current is 1MHz,can measure all various types of LED driving powers accurately.
    Adopt high-speed MCU and high precision A/D control and measurement with high accuracy.

    1. Details

    WT5080LEDdriver tester,adopt LCD screen to display input characteristic,output characteristic,waveform,curve and otherparameters,visual to read,easy for analysis and comparison,suitable for production field test.It has Rs232 communication function.With the special software of the host computer, it can carry out the remote operation control and display the corresponding data.Besides,all measured data and waveforms can be displayed on PC.It provides Chinese and English page operation.


    ○ GB 24825-2009 

    ○  IEC62384:2006


    ● Input characteristics test(AC)

    ○ Voltage range:1V~300V(CF=1.67)

    ○ Current range:5mA~2.7A(CF=3)

    ○ Power range:0.15W~800W

    ○ Power factor range:0.000~±1.000

    ● Input characteristics test(DC)

    ○ Voltage range:1V~500V

    ○ Current range:5mA~8A

    ○ Power range:0.15W~4000W

    ○ Output characteristics test(AC)

    ○ Voltage range:1~300V(CF=3)

    ○ Current range:5mA~2.7A(CF=3)

    ○ Power range:0.015~800W

    ● Output characteristics test(DC)

    ○ Voltage range:3V~500V

    ○ Current range:5mA~8A

    ○ Power range:0.015W~4000W

    ○ Ripple current range:5mA~2.5A

    ●  Output startup character test(DC)

    ○ Lamp voltage range:3V~500V

    ○ Lamp current range:5mA~8A