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    WT5000 Electric Ballast Tester

    LCD Display Easy to read.
    output wave envelope expansion.

    1. Details

    WT5000 is the update instrument of WT3000, it can show the data  and the waveform on thesuperbig LCD directly, so it does not need a PC.Thebasic functions and principles of Wt5000 are based on WT3000. The WT5000 meets the electrical capability testing requirements of thenewly international and chinese  standard.


     IEC60929, IEC60969,IEC61000-3-2.


    ○ Input Characteristics Test

    ○ Harmonic  Test

    ○ Output Characteristics Test

    ○ Preheat Energy Test

    ○ Startup Characteristics Test 

    ○ Output Single-wave Test