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    WT3000 Electric Ballast Tester

    Increasing input and output range and shift function. Meet different power testing.

    1. Details

    The compositive tester uses 12digit high-speed A/D converter.The speed reaches 10MHz when sampling. It can test the wave shape of a single high frequency wave. Also, it provides reliable methods for the researchers to develop the ballast working principle and analyze reliably.


    It meets the ballast and fluorescent lamp as well as the electrical capability testing requirements of IEC60929, IEC60969,IEC61000-3-2.


    ● Input

    Vrms,Irms, W, PF, Hz, phase angle, total harmonic and 0~ 39th component of harmonic.

    ● Output

       Lamp voltage, lamp current, filament current, guided cathodic current, lamp power, crest factor and oscillatory  frequency, single 

       high frequence pulse analysis.

    ● Startup

       Startup lamp voltage, lamp current, filament current, guided cathodic current curve and parameters, preheating time.Frequency 

       response up to 1MHz input irms, content to every EB.

    ○ Analysis symmetry of  lamp current envelope.

    ○ Super high speed A/D with sampling rate up to 10MHz,dynamicall yanalyzing single high frequency pulse.

    ○ Input and output parameters tested simultaneously with in 1 second. 

    ○ 8 Windows for displaying input and output parameters simultaneously,convenient for comparison and analysis.

    ○ Communication port for PC, both English Version and Chinese version available.