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    LED Start Tine & Flicker Test System

    ○ LED Lamp “Start time” “Rise up” “Flicker” test solution.
    ○ Voltage phase angle settable,SYNC Technology make it more accurate.
    ○ Meet requirement of ERP1192/2012 2009/125/EC IEC60696.

    1. Details

    System configuration

    PM2000 Multiphotometer,Integrating Sphere,Standard lamp,Optical fibre,19" cabinet,WL Serial power cource (DC),CHP500C  AC power source. 

    PM2000  Multiphotometer

    PM2000  Multiphotometer a fast sampling instrument adopts 12 bits,the highest sampling speed use A/Dtechnology, which reach to 10MHz, to realize light source fast test, it can record sample waveform with computer.Uniquedouble measurement pattern design, mode one.

    PM2000 used as a normal illuminometer, which apply to test stable lightsource parameters, could achieve high measuring accuracy; Mode two, in the state of trigger mode to test transient lightsource. 

    Equip with CHP-500C power supply to realize starting time, run-up time, flicker of lamps function, it can record allof datas and curves which reach the standard of American Energy Star test requirement.


    ○ Measurement Function: Illuminance, Luminous Flux(equipped with integrating sphere), can record waveform

    ○ Sensor: Silicon device, prefix amplified

    ○ V(λ)Missmatch Error:f1'≤5%(one class)

    ○ Measuring Area: Φ12mm(Optional)

    ● Measuring Rang

    ○ Illuminance:0.1lx~200klx;

    ○ Luminous Flux:0.1lm~200klm

    ● Test accuracy

    ○ Illuminance:±4%(according to JJG245-2005)

    ○ Luminous Flux: the accuracy related to system

    ○ Sampling Speed: Fastest is 20kS/s(Optional)

    ○ Record Width: Need to cooperate with software, recordthe width can be set freely

    ○ Record Width: Need to cooperate with software, record the width can be set freely.