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    CHL-600 LED Aging Tester

    It can achieve large power LED's aging test of channel 60.
    Maximum output current value is 1000mA.

    1. Details

    CHL-600 is specifically for LED aging test.Current, frequency, duty cycle, and aging time are all adjustable , each channel offers  independent power supply.The relevant test parameters can all be adjustable by the user according to their requirements.CHL-600 can realize the general aging test when the LEDs work in rated conditions,and the speed aging test overload shock condition. CHL-600 has very good reliability, in its long life period, it is easy to operate and has capability of power-off self-protection. It is an ideal instrument for the aging test of LEDs.


    ○ Range of constant current output:1mA~1000mA.

    ○ Accuracy of output current: ±(1% set value +0.3mA).

    ○ Range of output voltage:0~5V(Adjustable).

    ○ Test range of temperature: 0~150℃.

    ○ Test accuracy of temperature:±1℃.

    ○ Duty cycle: 1:99~99:1.

    ○ Range of aging time: 0~10000h.

    ○ Time error: ±1% set value.

    ○ Hold data automatically when the power is off and continue to work automatically when the power is on.

    ○ Function of over-heat protection and start fan automatically.

    ○ Equipped with 6 groups (10 pieces on each group) ,high power LED holder.

    ○ Equipped with special sampling interface and spectroradiometer, can achieve the rapid test of photoelectric performance

       for the aging  LED (optional).