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    WT102 Digital Power Meter

    Alarm Mode

    1. Details

    It is the measurer that judges the traditional measurement. The efficiency is poor and it is easy togive a false judgment.WT102 can set freelyupper andlower limit for V,A,W andalarm when measured value is out of limit with high accuracy and efficiency It is specially fit for the volumetest on product line of some manufacturers.


    ○ 4Displays:V,A,W,PF or Hz.

    ○ All trms measured data as root mean square value.

    ○ Auto range.

    ○ Voltage:75V/150V/300V/600V.

    ○ Current:0.5A/2A/8A/20A.

    ○ PF:-1.000~1.000.

    ○ Hz:45Hz-65Hz,Band:5kHz.

    ○ Accuracy:±(0.4%reading+0.1%range+1digit),0.5class.

    ○ Freely set upperand lower limit for V, A, W, and alarm whenmeasured value is out of limit.