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    WT211 Digital Power Meter

    High Current Harmonic Analyzer Mode

    1. Details

    Besides the fundamental measuring function of AC signals,WT210 can measure the THD and 2nd~50th harmonic of voltage andcurrent the test meets the requirements of IEC61000-3-2.


    ○ 4Display:V,A,W,PF/Hz.

    ○ All measured as root mean square value.

    ○ Auto range.

    ○ Voltage:75V/150V/300V/600V.

    ○ Current:0.5A/2A/8A/20A.

    ○ Display total harmonic and 2 to 50 times ofharmonic armount.

    ○ Accuracy:±(0.4%reading+0.1%range+1digit).

    ○ RS-232-C communicate function.