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    CHP-500C AC Power Source

    Programming controlled in the process of measurement(1-50remembered groups,1-9steps in each groups)

    1. Details

    CHP-500Cadopts LCD display, use AC - DC - AC frequency conversion technology, digital waveform synthesis and wave form feed back technology, power distortion is low; The high precision, full period and the fastest sampling measurement technology, directly show output voltage, frequency, current, active power and power factor arerealized the power supply and meter all in one; High degree of intelligence; Isolation of the floating output technology, good isolation and floating output of the power output and input, it's good for self-safety and operation security of power supply; Perfect voltage, abnormal current and overheat protection to improve reliability of power supply.


    ○ Power supply:110VAC or 220VAC±10% 50/60Hz.

    ○ Output Frequency set:45.00-500.00Hz.

    ○ Output Phase set:0°-359°(±1°).

    ○ Output Voltage set:AC0.0-300.0V.

    ○ Allowed Maximum Output Current:0-150V is 4.2A,0-300V is 2.1A.

    ○ Voltage Stability:≤0.1%/30minutes.

    ○ Equivalent Resistance:≤0.1(Zero resistance design).

    ○ Load Regulation:≤0.1%.

    ○ Frequency Stability:≤0.05%/30minutes.