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    CHP-1000 Series AC&DC Power Supply

    ○ Strong capacity of instant load
    ○ Precision Linear amplification,Ideal power source for lab

    1. Details

    CHP-1000 AC power supply is designed according to thetechnological conditions of SJ/T 10541 and GB 7260. It has high loading capacity, good output waveform and convenient operation. The user can select the proper power output according actual conditions.


    ○ Power supply:AC 220V/110V±10%  50/60Hz.

    ○ Maximum output current:0~150V 4.4A/0~300V 4.2A.

    ○ Output voltage range:AC0.0~300.0C.

    ○ Total voltage distortion:≤0.1(Zero essential resistance design).

    ○ Voltage stability:≤0.1%/30min.

    ○ Load adjustment rate:≤0.1%.

    ○ Frequency stability:≤0.05%/30min.

    ○ Voltage resolution:0.1v.

    ○ Current resolution:0.001.

    ○ Voltage /Current accuracy:±(0.4% reading+1% range+1 byte).