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    Intelligent Electrostatic Discharge Generator

    Trigger mode:1.Automatic 2.Manual 3.automatic voltage rises.

    1. Details

    Intelligent electrostatic discharge generator is designed specifically against electrostatic discharge immunity test requirements, and used to assess the electrical and ele-ctronic equipment to suffer from the operator and the surrounding objects electrostatic discharge interference, to provide a performance rating basis. 


    Fully  compliant with the latest standards of IEC61000-4-2 and  GB/T17626.2.


    ○ LCD interface display ,Chinese or English menu, easy to use.

    ○ LCD display Intelligent control, Use the Programmable imported.

    ○ high-voltage power supply, Reliable performance.

    ○ Built-in international standards level parameters, simple.

    ○ Built-in international standards level parameters, easy to use.

    ○ Max output voltage up to 30kv.

    ○ Built-in the RS232 interface ,Remote operated by the optional control software.


    ○ Output voltage:0.2~± 20kV.

    ○ Output polarity:Positive / Negative .

    ○ Discharge capacitor:150pF.

    ○ Discharge resistor:330 Ω.

    ○ Current rise time:0.6 ~ 1ns.

    ○ Testing functions:Contact discharge/Air discharge.

    ○ Discharge times:Presetting times 1-9999 or infinite times.

    ○ Trigger mode:1.Automatic 2.Manual 3.automatic voltage rises.