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    Intelligent Electrical Fast Transient (EFT) Generator

    Output waveform meets the requirements of 50Ω and 1KΩ impedance.

    1. Details

    Designed for EFT immunity test requirement. The test is intended to demonstrate the immunity of electrical and electronic equipment when subjected to types of transient disturbances such as those originating from switching transients (interruption of inductive loads, relay contact bounce, etc.).The instrument meets the latest standard IEC61000-4-4 with high reliability, stable performance,user-friendly design and manyother features.


    Fully compliant with the new standards of IEC61000-4-4 and GB/T17626.4 .


    ○ LCD interface display .Chinese or English menu, easy to use.

    ○ LCD display, Intelligent control, Use the Programmable imported. high-voltage power supply, Reliable performance.

    ○ Programmable operation by a key setting.

    ○ Built-in international standards level parameters, simple.

    ○ Output waveform meets the requirements of 50Ω and 1KΩ impedance.

    ○ Impulse injects the phase angle: asynchronous or 0-360 °, freeto set.

    ○ Max output Impulse frequence :1200KHz.

    ○ Built-in the RS232 interface ,Remote operated by the optionalcontrol software.


    ○ Output voltage:0 .2~± 4.8KV.

    ○ Pulse frequency:1kHz~1200kHz ± 10%, adjustable.

    ○ Pulse polarity:Positive or Negative  or Switchable.

    ○ Resistor: 50 Ω± 20%.

    ○ Rise time:5ns ± 30%.

    ○ Impulse duration:50ns ± 30%(50Ω)/35 ns~150 ns(1kΩ).

    ○ Number of burst:1~255

    ○ Burst period:300mS( 0.15~9.99 S adjustable,step 0.01S ).

    ○ Coupling path:Built-in,single phase three line,16A.