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    Intelligent Lightning Surge Generator

    Impulse injected the phase angle asynchronous or 0-360 ° free to set. The surge test Fully automatic switching without human operation.

    1. Details

    Intelligent lightning Surge Generator is designed for  Surge (impact) immunity test requirements with high reliability, intelligent control, user-friendly designand many other features. The object of this product is to establish a common reference for evaluating the immunity of electrical and electronic equipment when subjected to surges and provides a consistent method to assess the immunity of an equipment or system against Surge. 


    Fully compliant with the latest standards of IEC61000-4-5 and GB/T17626.5.


    ○ Large LCD interface display, Chinese or English menu, easyto use.

    ○ LCD display, Intelligent control, Use the Programmable imported high-voltage power supply, Reliable performance.

    ○ Programmable operation by a key setting.

    ○ Built-in international standards level parameters and user models parameters, simple.

    ○ Built-in intelligent couping / decoupling network. Testing safety.

    ○ Impulse injected the phase angle asynchronous or 0-360 °  free to set. The surge test Fully automatic switching without 

       human operation.

    ○ Built-in the RS232 interface ,Remote operated by the optional  control software.


    ○ Open-circuit t voltage/short-circuit current:

        Waveform parameters parameters of Open -circuit t voltage:1.2/50 μs ,0.2 ~ 6kV

        (Waveform parameters parameters of short-circuit current:8 /20 μs ,0.1 ~ 3kA

    ○ Surge polarity:Positive / Negative/Asynchronism.Synchronism  0 °~ 360 °selectable/Asynchronism.

    ○ Phase:Complex impedance): 2 Ω/(Insulation withstanding test impedance):500 Ω.

    ○ Output impedance:Built-in, one phase three  line,max 16A.

    ○ Coupling path:18μF, 9μF /10Ω.

    ○ Surge interval:10~9999S.