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    Intelligent Frequency Drop Generator

    Trigger mode:Automatic ,internal trigger.

    1. Details

    Series were designed for  for voltage dips, short interruptions immunity test requirements and provide anassessment  forthe assessment of low-voltage grid connection of voltage dips, short interruptions interference. stable performance easy operation features.


    The products arefully compliant with the IEC61000-4-11 and GB/T17626.11 standard with intelligent.


    ○ LCD display, Intelligent control, stable performance.

    ○ Programmable design operated by a key setting function.

    ○ Built-in many user modes, programmable design, Easy to operate.

    ○ Built-in intelligent coupling/ decoupling network, Testing safety.

    ○ Built-in the RS232 interface ,Remote operated by the optional control software.


     ○ Level of voltage dips:0% ~ 120%.

    ○ Dip duration:half cycle.

    ○ Phase:Synchronism  0 °~ 360 °selectable/Asynchronism.

    ○ Repetition time:40%、70%、80%、120%.

    ○ Dip interval:half cycle.

    ○ Trigger mode:Automatic ,internal trigger.

    ○ EUT power supply capability:AC220V,10A .