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    Temperature&humidty Cabinet

    Upward and down temperature speed:0.7℃~1.1℃/min.

    1. Details

    The instrument used for test the parameters and performance of high and low temperature humid heat alternative or constant testenvironment change of lamps. Screen operate without press accuracy 0.1℃,resolution ±0.1℃,revolve curve graph display onscreen, equip with 100 groups equation,each of groups 100 segment, each segment could be cycle 999 steps, which adopts French”tecumseh”full closed compressor.


    Accord with standard of GB2423,GB10592,GB/T5170.2,CJB150 etc.


    ○ Humidity range:30%-98%R.H.

    ○ Humidity deviation:+2~-3%R.H.

    ○ Upward and down temperature speed:0.7℃~1.1℃/min.