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    Dust Test Cabinet

    Suit to all kinds of lighting lamp dust prevent test.

    1. Details

    According to international standard GB2423.37-89 test L: sand and dust test method,GB4208-93degrees of protection provided by enclosure(IP code),GB/T4942-98 degrees of protection provided by enclosures for low-voltage apparatus,GB7000.1-1996/GB7001-1986 degrees of protection provided by lamps enclosure and other serie of related degrees of protection provided byenclosure to research, suit to all kinds of lighting lamp dust prevent test. There are dust circulation air in instrument,when use totest, the dust coule be circulation,which equip with vacuum-pumping system.


    ○ Time setting range:0~9999hours(adjustable)

    ○ Metal net standard nominal line diameter: 50μm,line spacing between thenominal is 75μm.

    ○ Air velocity: not more than 2m/sContinuous, cycle.blowing dust, can choice any time to set.

    ○ Dust concentration:2~4kg/m3

    ○ Test dust: dry talc, portland cement, smoke tong ash, etc.

    ○ Vibration time: 0~9999H(adjudtable)

    ○ Vacuum pump flow control:60~600L/H