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    Tracking Tester

    It is used to the component`s study, production of lighting instrument,hypopiesis electrical apparatus, domestic appliance, machine electric appliance, electrical machine, power tool, electronic instrument, electrician instrument, technique equipment. Also, it is fit for the industry of insulation material engineering plastics, electric connecting and auxiliaries.

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    It is used to  the component`s study, production  of lighting instrument,hypopiesis electrical apparatus, domestic appliance, machine electric  appliance, electrical machine, power tool, electronic instrument, electrician  instrument, technique  equipment. Also, it is fit for the industry of insulation material engineering plastics, electric connecting and auxiliaries.


    Tracking Tester is a emulational test program ordained by the standard of IEC60112 ,UL 746A ,GB/T4207,GB4706.1  ASTMD 3638-92. 


    ○ Electrode pressure: 1.0±0.05N.

    ○ Electrode distance: 4.0mm±0.01mm,separation angle:60°±5.

    ○ Electrode voltage: 100~600V(48~60Hz)adjustable,when the short circuitcurrent is 1.0±0.1A,the voltage decrease less than 10%.

    ○ Dropping liquid height: 30~40mm, adjust able.

    ○ Dropping liquid size: 44~55drop/1cm3 adjust able.

    ○ Dropping liquid time: 30s±5s.

    ○ Dropping liquid frequency: 0~9999times, adjustable.