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    Water Spray Tester

    Swing water-jet aperture:Φ0.1-0.4mm.

    1. Details

    Water spray tester consists of four components  swing tube,swing moving, working rotary tables and electric control.Frame, rotating table shields, reserve tank, test water pressure reflux device, console are made of SUS304 stainless steel plate production hairline.


    ○ Swing water-jet aperture:Φ0.1-0.4mm.

    ○ Distance:50mm(ordering instructions).

    ○ Swing angle range:±60°,±90°,±180°.

    ○ Swing tube radius:0.4m,0.6m,0.8m,1m,1.2m(ordering instructions).

    ○ Swing speed:Can adjust on instrument freely.

    ○ Water flow:0.1±0.005-12±0.05L/min (adjustable).