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    CHL-8 LED Photometery & Electricity Tester

    Max current is 400mA.

    1. Details

    The system can measure LED electrical characteristics and luminous intensity, spread angle  of  light  beam. constant  build-n current power supply,easy operation, visual display, meets the requirements of CIE pub.NO.127Aor B.It suits LED electric parameter test and quality control.     

    CHL-8 LE光电性能分析仪-1.jpg

    Equipped with integrating sphere, the system can measure LED luminous flux and other electric parameters. For build-in constant current power source, external power source is not needed for the tested LED .Easy to operate and visual display. It suits LED electric parameter test and quality control. 

    CHL-8 LE光电性能分析仪积分球.jpg


    ○ Forward current (If):0.1mA~400.0mA.

    ○ Forward voltage(Vf):0.01V~20.0V.

    ○ Reversed current(Ir):0.01μA~200.0μA.

    ○ Reversed voltage(Vr):0.01V~20.00V.

    ○ Angle accuracy(turning automatically):-90°~+90°.

    ○ Range for luminous intensity:1.0mcd~300.0cd(Near),1.0mcd~3000.0cd(Far).

    ○ Accuracy of luminous intensity:class1.

    ○ Range for luminous flux:1.0mlm~9999.0lm.

    ○ Accuracy of luminous flux:class1.